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Ten Facts You Need to Know About Chocolate


Ah, chocolate! We love it; as a nation we eat nearly 4.5 kg a year per person (most of it is probably consumed by yours truly). Not that we need reasons to eat it, but we at The Main Street Galleria decided we’d compile a few to help you ease your mind when you’re enjoying this delicious gift of the gods.

10)   History! Chocolate was first used as a foodstuff and health supplement by the Aztecs and Mayas. Look, you learned history!

9)    It’s delicious! It’s creamy, dark, mixes well with nuts, nougats, caramel, peanut butter, fruit…(hang on, I have to go get a candy bar)

8)    Social Responsibility! Sustainable chocolate has been a major issue in the last few years, especially on the Ivory Coast of Africa, where slave labor was used in Cacao farming for decades. Thanks to selective chocolate consumers, the bigger companies are making plans to create more sustainable ways to produce chocolate. Some of them hope to be fully implemented by 2020.

7)    Support Small Business! Small chocolatiers have become popular in recent years,meaning more boutique chocolatiers are opening their doors and websites to consumers hungry for the best of the best, and who are anxious to support small business in these days of big business. One such business is, of course, our own Main Street Galleria where you can purchase handmade fudge and chocolates which rival even the finest French chocolates.

6)    It’s delicious! Oh, I said that. Time for another candy bar!

5)    Chocolate can be made into anything! Cakes, candies, pastries, pies, fudge, face soap, body wash, skin scrubs, liquors, clothing (an experiment which unfortunately failed, but it was delicious while I tried), and paper.

4)    Booze! Chocolate wine, beer, ale, vodka, whiskey, creamy liqueurs, and  put with Chambord makes a lovely hot chocolate drink.

3)    Has health benefits! Chocolate increases your endorphines, and contains antioxident properties. Milk chocolate has milk, which has calcium, so you might as well be taking a vitamin.

2)    Makes a great gift! Unless you’re gifting to someone who doesn’t like chocolate, in which case why are you hanging out with them? Weirdos.

1)    The Main Street Galleria! Fudge, handmade chocolates, chocolate covered gummi bears, chocolate rocks, chocolate cherries, chocolate pie, chocolate ice cream (hang on, I need another candy bar) and chocolate chip cookies are only a few chocolates you can enjoy from the brick and mortar store:  501 Main Street, Weston, Missouri or on theirwebsite.

We hope this list has helped you assuage any guilty feelings you may have about eating chocolate, as you can see it’s a historical lesson, socially responsible crop, encourages small business growth, can be made into anything, thereby eliminating boredom, mix it with your favorite spirit to create an uplifting and delicious cocktail, it’s good for you (that cocktail is now medicine) Winner! It makes a great gift,unless you have weirdo friends who don’t like chocolate (we have other candy for them)

Chocolate: It’s a fantastic reason to visit the lovely folks at The Main Street Galleria!

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